Clients have described our sessions together as fun, collaborative, life-altering, insightful, colorful, supportive, and empowering. Check out what past and current clients are saying about their therapy experience:

“I have been a patient of Sue’s for 3 1/2 years. She is by far the best therapist I have seen. She is kind, supportive, and understanding. She is dedicated to her work. Before our first appointment, she researched information about my chronic disease that she wasn’t familiar with to be prepared to help me in the best way possible. Not only is she a great therapist, she is a great person and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!” ~G

“You have opened my mind to a newfound freedom of life and helped me to believe in myself.” ~K

I don’t even know where to start. Sue has helped me and my family in so many ways. First, she helped me Navigate through a total mental breakdown. She helped my brother through getting sober and staying sober until his death. She invited the entire family to come sit down with her, and talk about him. She wanted to know how we were all doing. She is amazing. She also sees my husband. We absolutely love Sue. She has saved my life and my brother’s life. Because of the work she did with him we had an amazing 4 months. He was there for all of us. We can’t thank you enough for giving all of us those 4 months. I know that he did a lot of work to get better but you helped guide him through. I highly recommend Sue if you are in need of help whether you need a lot of help or a little help, she is amazing!~K

“The time, the effort, genuine passion, and actually caring about my state of mind and health and well-being is something I’ll never forget.  I will do my best in life to pass that on to another person.” ~ M

“Sue is by far the best therapist I’ve ever seen in my life.  She listened to my concerns and handled them with the utmost professionalism and was extremely helpful.  I think she saved my life.” ~ W

“Sue has been an integral part of my healing and as a champion of positive change.” ~ L

“We have known Susan English personally and professionally for many years. Susan is loved by her patients and colleagues for her kindness, patience, and straightforward style. If you are a potential client, you will be in good hands with Ms. English.”~ KC

Sue has been an outstanding clinician for all the years I’ve known and/or worked with her. I’m proud to call her a colleague!” ~ S

“Sue made me feel relaxed and comfortable to share my inner fears and feelings and actually trust someone with my emotions.” ~M

Easy to talk to great listener and gives great advice, really got my life together after making the commitment to see Sue regularly~ C

“Sue, is a gifted and talented therapist. I have so enjoyed working with her as a colleague and truly cannot say enough good things about her talent, skill, and warmth as a person and as a therapist”~J.