Clients have described our sessions together as fun, collaborative, life-altering, insightful, colorful, supportive, and empowering. Check out what past and current clients are saying about their therapy experience:

“Sue has been an integral part of my healing and as a champion of positive change.” ~ L

“You have opened my mind to a newfound freedom of life and helped me to believe in myself.” ~K

“Sue made me feel relaxed and comfortable to share my inner fears and feelings and actually trust someone with my emotions.” ~M

“The time, the effort, genuine passion, and actually caring about my state of mind and health and well-being is something I’ll never forget.  I will do my best in life to pass that on to another person.” ~ M

“Sue is by far the best therapist I’ve ever seen in my life.  She listened to my concerns and handled them with the utmost professionalism and was extremely helpful.  I think she saved my life.” ~ W