Individual Therapy

Most individuals seek out therapy after exhausting their resources to work through their struggles or manage their mental health symptoms. We are made to feel the full range of emotions from joy to sadness, but sometimes we can lose our “balance” and fall into depression or experience overwhelming anxiety. Occasionally, some professional support is needed to understand the core issues and gain skills to maneuver through all of the traffic in your life.  In our work together, you’re the driver, and I’m the GPS: I help navigate to keep you safe and on track, but you remain in control. You are the expert on your own life, with a committed therapist by your side.

Couples Therapy 

Couples come to a roadblock at some point in their lives.  Unresolved conflicts can lead to Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt, and Stonewalling.   Arguments are not necessarily unhealthy; however, how we choose to resolve them can be. We work together to understand, respect, and gain interpersonal communication skills to strengthen the relationship, even if it seems there hardly is one.  Couples work includes a safe therapeutic space for both partners to give voice to feelings and needs, learn how to manage conflict, and create or rediscover the relationship they desire. 

Family Therapy 

Family dynamics can be complicated.  Even the best of families can find themselves in a web of turmoil.  We will work together to see how your family functions as a unit and address individual and specific issues your family is facing. The goal of family therapy is to create a safe home environment through improved communication, establishing respect, creating boundaries, and making family-life pleasant and even fun again. 

Parenting Support

Wait! These kiddos don’t come with handbooks?  How are we supposed to learn what we should be doing to ensure their health, happiness and ya know, just keep them alive?  Better yet, retain our sanity during those crazy fun toddler years to the challenging teenage years and finally to the mixed emotions of sending them off into adulthood.  It seems like a helluva hard mountain to climb, but is it? Parenting can be an exciting time of growth, exploration, and independence for both parents and children.  Through understanding developmental age-appropriate expectations (and imperative STRESS MANAGEMENT SKILLS) you CAN stay present and connected with yourself and ferociously love and bond with your babies of all ages and stages.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Have you experienced guilt and negative consequences by making unhealthy choices that provided short term relief but caused unintentional long term pain to yourself and others? Let’s dig to the roots of your struggles and personalize a plan to address your specific needs and address any co-occurring mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, shame, emotional wounds, trauma, or relationship issues that might be keeping you stuck in the addiction cycle.  There is a way out of this dark place and a way to return a sense of peace into your life! Even if you are on the fence about or scared to make a change, we can explore harm reduction models to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Consultation and Coaching

Hey fellow Peers! I’m proud to be a part of growing different generations of not only therapists, but also those in the business world, healthcare fields, education professions, and more.  Coaching is a collaborative process to identify both professional and personal goals, find direction, and implement change.  Clients learn how to consistently articulate their needs in the work environment, show up confidently, and thrive professionally.     

Coaching/Consultation services are also provided via telehealth for those living in other states.

Educational Classes and Workshops

Not quite needing individual therapy but want to learn emotional regulation, self-care, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal communication skills?  Enhance your toolbox with cutting-edge information to build dynamic relationships, relate to stress and anxiety differently, and find direction personally or professionally.