As a mother, wife, therapist, educator, and human who makes mistakes, I have walked through my own pain to gain insight into personal power and freedom. I know what it’s like to let anxiety, past struggles, and insecurity discourage and paralyze even the strongest individuals.

I have extensive experience working with teens, adults, couples, and families through counseling, teaching, and training in inpatient and outpatient mental health settings, including; psychiatric units, detox centers, and a residential treatment facility for women.   

My style is compassionate, energetic, empowering, and sometimes entertaining. I offer comfort, humor, curiosity, and possibly a swear word or two, while professionally guiding you to create a life based on what YOU desire, not based on anyone else’s needs or expectations. I’ll help you see that you are enough.

Let’s silence that voice in your head telling you you’re anything less than a Rockstar