So what does therapy really look like? 

My therapy sessions are interactive and collaborative. It can feel intimidating to reach out for the first time.  I promise we won’t be sitting across from each other in silence.  My goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment that provides you the space to discover a path to navigate through your struggles and build on your strengths to achieve greater life satisfaction and personal empowerment. Therapy can be hard work but it can also be fun, validating, and rewarding.  During your first session, we will gather an understanding of the reasons for seeking treatment, your strengths, and how you have thrived and survived with challenges in the past.  This allows us to identify and set some attainable goals for what you would like to accomplish and how we plan to get there. 

Do I need therapy?  Isn’t it for people with “serious” problems?

Counseling is for anyone who is dissatisfied with their current circumstances and wants to improve the quality of their life.   Some clients may be going through a major life transition, have been unable to overcome past or current struggles, or are simply at a point where they are ready to learn a little more about themselves. Most clients that enter therapy have enough self-awareness to realize they need a helping hand.  Regardless of what brings you in, you are welcomed and admired. And, whether it was needed or not, clients typically report experiencing personal growth, stress reduction, healthier relationships, an increased sense of self-worth.   

 Will I be in therapy forever? 

Nope, unless you are having a fantastic time.  The timeframe of therapy is unique to the person and their goals. Some issues can be resolved within a few sessions whereas others can take longer to find clarity from deeply rooted patterns or pain. Some people use therapy for “touch-up” sessions or to have accountability in making desired changes.  Whatever it is that you are seeking, the goal is to work efficiently and effectively to get you on your way to living that life you’ve always dreamed of.  

What if I am not getting out of therapy what I wanted to?

FIRE ME! Just make sure you rehire another therapist and don’t give up on yourself until you find the right fit.  The greatest predictor of success in therapy is the connection and trust in the relationship with your therapist.  We can discuss goals for your next experience in therapy and l can provide referrals to meet and honor those needs.

Are you taking new clients?

Yes!  Teens, adults, couples, seasoned adults….all are welcome and commended for their willingness to better understand themselves, develop new ways of thinking, and build skills for healthy relationships and proper self-care.

How do I get started and make an appointment

If you are reading this, you’ve already started!  Congratulations on taking the first step.  

To set up an appointment simply call, send an email, or use the contact form- stating that you would like to schedule a first-time appointment. Let the fun and exploration begin!